Learn About Demand it now media

Demand it now media started in 2019 by Ryan Annear , Ryan has been interested in media and photo for a long time, already running his business ' Fully automotive' as a Freelance Photographer along with his other project ' Autolife Perth ' which is where this new business was formed 

Autolife perth started doing a lot more ' Live streams ' to its facebook page using mobile phones like 90% of live streams were done in the automotive car scene , Ryan being the perfectionist he is , wasn't impressed in the basic live abilities being presented to Autolifes audience and wanted more and better quality streams  , slowly he worked his way up to a more pro quality setup and the results showed , more followers and viewers

Ryan noticed a massive gap in the live streaming industry with only a few businesses providing the service but mostly for high level gigs ... so he decided to target the lower budget , smaller projects , giving the opportunity to have live streaming available for events or people who normally couldn't afford or do it at a higher level 

we have now completed over 30 live streams in 2020 and that was for 1 client! . with a variety of different genres such as Funerals , weddings , sports , talkshows and Baptisms.


we now have wired and wireless systems available and can live stream pretty much anything thrown to us! 

Demand it now ... demand it today!