Pricing and subscriptions

Demand it now offers some services such as live streaming and recorded video 

some of these services are offered as a paid service 

all our paid services are handled by Paypal or our third party credit card provider 

invoices will be provided with any purchases

there may be a ' subscription ' offer on some videos or live streams , all details about the offer will be explained before your can purchase it 

 - Live video - 

some of the events we may stream will go for longer then 3 hours 
due to the way our live streaming system works , we may need to stream multiple times

your virtual ticket will include access to all videos in that price bracket
some video subscriptions may need to be purchased as a re-occurring plan or subscription which will be cancelled before charging you for another month

we will state this before you make the purchase 

-video on demand - 

with some purchases , your virtual ticket gives you access to on demand video 

video on demand is video that has already been recorded which you can watch anytime
previous live streams or uploaded content is VOF

if this is included in your purchase , it will say so 

if you have any further questions , please click the ' lets chat ' button or

the 'contact ' link