Welcome to Skidfest #10 Livestreamed From Barbagallo Raceway
Perth ,  Western Australia 

18th July 2020 @ 1pm 

Live streamed by Demand it now media solutions

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Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual ticket?

A virtual ticket is a non physical pass to watch content we deliver

How come i have to pay to watch this content ?

pay per view has been around for years , boxing , ufc and paytv have been using this method since the begining. It costs us and the event coordinator money to deliver the content you are about to watch weather your there or not , now you can be a part of the action live ! our streams are accessable and watched right around the world

What do i get with my purchase?

you get access to live content streamed to your chosen device you get live rewind access to skip back on the lvie video and then resync back to live with a click of a button you get 1 months access to 'on demand' viewing of the live streams

How do i pay ? payment methods?

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